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Our Story

Our family has ranched in Florida since the early 1950s. First at Oak Hill, then at Ocala and since 1970, here at Alachua. While we were in Ocala, there was a small hand-dug limestone quarry on the property, hence the name Rock Hollow Farm. We initially had a herd of registered Angus. Then a herd of Polled Herefords, owned by my father and so well managed by Fred McCullers. Since 1986, we have basically had a small herd of commercial cattle with a Barzona influence. 

In the year 2000, I, Bob Crane (Jr), had occasion to show Alf Collins Sr of Collins Belah Valley (CBV) around Florida. Alf is a breeder of Brahman cattle from Queensland, Australia. Over those couple days, Alf’s views on breeding adapted cattle dramatically changed my view.

I had again begun using Brahman breeding in our commercial herd before Alf visited, but his visit led us to acquire the small herd of Boran cattle (an indigenous Bos Indicus African breed) top crossed from the Brahman herd from the McGregor Experiment Station in Texas. We also purchased their Boran semen inventory. 

Despite their small stature, the Boran, the Boran/Brahman individuals adapted quite well to the nutrition we could supply economically. Additionally, we had discontinued using pesticides, such as de-wormers and fly control, with little use of vaccinations or antibiotics. These cattle and their English breed crosses have adapted to this regimen well also.

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